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Inspired by the Greek comedy, LYSISTRATA, follows three young women over the course of an evening - Lampito, Calonice, and Myrrhine - as they venture into the uncharted online world of, an exclusive virtual club experience for the elite, and a place where pleasure and danger toe a very fine line. We will be exploring the ways multiple artistic disciplines - auditory storytelling, music, dance, poetry,  visual art - invite audience members into the interactive world of the play, all to be featured on an original, curated website built to house the show.

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Through falsehood and camp, LYSISTRATA will put ‘Clubbing’ on display. For those who have craved the long lines, loud bass, and overpriced drinks, this production aims to examine the ways nightlife spaces (and gender-marginalized people’s connections to such spaces) play a role in the relationships we form and communities we cultivate.


This concept holds new importance as we attempt to adapt to the online versions - bastardizations - of the spaces we once inhabited. Can these experiences that depend so heavily on connection; on feeling; on bodies in space together, be artificialized?



At the centre of our online world, shows a community of non-conforming party-dwellers fighting to exist and thrive within the dawn of yet another man-made era. The three women at the forefront of this story ultimately scrutinize their participation in these spaces that are oppressive.  Will they challenge the status-quo or only enable it?


Our audience will experience the play though the women's website and the many rabbit holes they can explore in this "choose-your-own-adventure" style production. Through pre-filmed and live scenes, Twitter threads, blog posts, dance, song, video games and much much more our audience will explore the intricacies and uncover the secrets of this fragile and fearsome online world. 

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For more information about LYSISTRATA see

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