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Here and There

An insomniac and a star walk into a 


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Maya can't sleep. She hasn't been able to for a while now. She's illuminated her sleepless nights with lively conversations with a celestial best friend. Here and There examines the intricacies of platonic love and partnership; the give and take of relationships and how we grow together.

Here and There was written and performed by Sarah Hagarty and Simone Matheson and debut at the 2018 DARK CROP theatre festival.

- Citlali, Here and There

"There are birthday-cake-candle-blowing wishes,
pocket-change-in-public-fountain wishes,
eyelash-on-your-soulmate’s-cheek wishes,
or white-topped, full-of-seeds, dandelion-blown-away wishes.
But there is nothing quite as special as wishing on a star."

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