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After the Apocalypse

Presented with Theatre Passe Muraille
with Centre Court

“After The Apocalypse” is a short digital theatre scroll-through experience meant to flip theatre tradition on its head. Through its uniquely intimate experience of you and your device, "After the Apocalypse" gives its audience a glimpse into the theatre of a different hue and examines the many ways in which a question may be answered. 


Inspired by many personal epiphanies had during the pandemic; a journey filled with change, new perspective, growth, and rebirth mirrored through the reimagining of our Earth’s functioning, "After the Apocalypse" exemplifies a particularly newfangled Queer Futurism. Through transition of theme, transition of form, transition of personhood, and transition of perspective I hope to make space for new ideas, for Queer liberation, and encourage audiences to consider the multiplicity of a conundrum and the rabbit hole it will lead you down.

Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 7.32.15 PM.png

CREATED and PERFORMED by Simone Matheson

SOUND and WEB DESIGNED by Simone Matheson

DRAMATEURGY and MENTORSHIP by Sheniz Janmohamed; Kevin Matthew Wong; Merlin Simard; April Leung

PRODUCED by Theatre Passe Muraille

Created with the support of Theatre Passe Muraille and Scadding Court Community Centre.



Paprika Festival - June 2021

Nightwood Theatre's Fempocalypse - April 2022

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